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Refund Policy
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Once the STOP THE MAMA’S BOYS, LLC products have been handed to the postal carrier, STOP THE MAMA’S BOYS, LLC holds no liability for any good damaged, or lost in route. The risk in the products shall pass to the customer upon delivery or collection by customer’s own transport.

We do not refund payment nor grant credits for products which are returned for any other reason or those reasons listed above.  We do not refund any shipping fees or sales tax.  All sales are final.  No refunds.  Products are sold ‘as is’.  These conditions apply to all customers, both domestically and internationally, who purchase STOP THE MAMA’s BOYS, LLC products.

Once an order is placed via the store, your credit card will be processed.  So, please be sure to do your due diligence on what items you’ve put into your cart. Stop the Mama’s Boys, LLC cannot be responsible for misordered items.


When stock is not available, Stop the Mama’s Boys will be in contact with you via email. Please check your email daily just in case. We will give you an estimate of the delivery time of your backordered product, you will be charged once we ship your back-ordered product.


Delivery and International Shipments/Vat Taxes

Any times quoted for delivery are estimates only.   While every effort will be made to deliver within any times quoted or requested, no liability will be accepted for failure to do so.

For all Canadian buyers: you are responsible for all Canadian VAT taxes. The UPS driver will let you know the cost of the VAT taxes upon his delivery of the package.

Damage or Loss in Transit:

We can accept no liability for products lost or damaged in transit.

Sales Tax: 

For those customers outside the state of California, be sure to contact your State Department for any applicable taxes, such as “use tax” that your state requires on the purchase of a product out-of-state.


Price may change from time to time. If any extra cost is incurred by reason for any additional instructions or any errors or omissions in instructions submitted by the customer, then STOP THE MAMA’S BOYS, LLC reserves the right to charge extra cost to the customer.


STOP THE MAMA’S BOYS, LLC Products are prohibited to be resold via any platform unless via a written approval by the President of STOP THE MAMA’S BOYS, LLC.  All transactions of any kind must go through the website.   Any person who attempts to resell, sell, copy any of the products, including but not limited to the STOP THE MAMA’S BOYS LLC songs, t’shirts, mugs, book, license plate holders, and all other related material, will be at risk of arbitration.  All arbitration will go through the Los Angeles Courts.


We do not accept money orders.  Credit cards only.  No goods will be delivered until payment received. STOP THE MAMA’S BOYS, LLC has the right to refuse customers for any reason, whatsoever.


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